How Can I Send An Excel Payslip by Using a Mail Merge in PDF Format?

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How can I send an Excel payslip by using a mail merge in PDF format?

The mail merge feature of Microsoft Word helps in creating multiple documents, each containing certain identical piece of information to be used in all of them and certain text which differs. Let us consider an example of a set of invitation letters for a party. The content of each letter would be identical while the name and address of the recipients would differ in each letter. The mail merge feature consists of a document containing standard information (the content of the invitation letter) and a data source containing variable information. A combination of standard information and variable information would appear in a merged document after performing the mail merge.

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Merge PDF: All You Need to Know

Each information is represented by a string in the email (the name is printed on the envelope) and the variables are described as strings in the mail merge. In order to perform a mailbox merge we need the name and address of the recipients and the variable data. In a way, we could call it a 'mutable data file'. Here comes the problem—how do we create the file to perform the mail merge? There are only two simple ways of creating such a file: convert the message into a text document or put it inside an Excel file. As stated above, there is only one way of creating such a file. The only possible way to create such a data file is to convert the content of the message into a text document or to put it inside an Excel file. Why? Because of the mail merge format, one could.